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 Why the National Institutes of Health uses a bogus study to malign Ginkgo biloba
 High doses of ibuprofen, other painkillers, increase heart attack risks
 Carotenoids from fruit & veggies found to reduce hip fracture risk in lean men
 Non-GMO blue corn has more than twice the antioxidant value of blueberries
 The truth about Vitamin D: How sunshine can change your health
 Research supports 12 mental tricks that can be used to reduce or manage pain
 Sunshine linked to lower rheumatoid arthritis risk in study of U.S. nurses
 Vegetables and herbs: The forgotten health benefits of authentic Chinese food
 The 2012-2013 flu shot doing poor job of protecting older people, admits CDC
 Yale study links PFCs used in over 200 industrial processes to osteoarthritis
 Vitamin C is beneficial against the common cold, review of trials suggests
 Berries linked to lower heart disease among women say university researchers
 The shocking lack of evidence supporting flu vaccines as a 'preventative' approach
 Eating cherries lowers risk of gout attack by 35%, suggests Boston University study
 Ten natural ways to energize your day without using caffeine products
 Main ingredient in many antibacterial soaps not only useless, but is bad for you
 Vitamin C deficiency in pregnant mothers has serious consequences for fetus
 Antioxidant compound in ginger reduces pain and inflammation, relieves nausea
 Probiotics supplement lowers LDL and total cholesterol in university study
 Celiac disease patients benefit from B-Vitamin supplementation
 Damage caused by vitamin and mineral deficiency accumulates over time
 Low calcium diet linked to Higher risk of hormone condition in women
 Multivitamin use in middle-aged and older men results in modest cancer reduction
 New study shows acupuncture offers real pain relief for many patients
 The amazing healing properties of fermented foods everyone should know
 Blueberry compound pterostilbene reduces blood pressure in clinical trial
 Organic IS the healthier option when ALL the pros and cons are considered
 Job stress linked to 23% increase in risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack
 Can ginger beat out the multi-billion dollar acid blockers naturally?
 Amino acid supplement offers promise in treatment of unique form of autism
 Study shows Vitamin D provides protective effect on lung function of smokers
 City children more than twice as likely to have food allergies as rural children
 Lack of exercise as deadly as smoking, study on four major diseases finds
 Omega-3 fatty acid, other nutrients improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients
 Soda pop has a hidden cancer risk, in addition to known weight gain risk
 Astragalus used for high blood pressure, hepatitis, insomnia and diabetes
 Water extinguishes stomach acid 175 times faster than some drugs in lab tests
 Research suggests Vitamin D protects against viral infections during the winter
 Antibiotic overuse making drug-resistant bacteria a world threat, WHO says
 Turmeric Compound Helps Extend Life in Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
 For weight loss, lifestyle changes trump fad dieting, according to latest research
 Vitamin D supplementation beneficial for inflammatory diseases, say researchers
 Ginger reduces prostrate tumors by 56% in Georgia State University study on mice
 Natural support for sexual health: Effective herbal supplements for men and women
 Cooking oils: Better choices to benefit the health of your family
 Using indigestion drugs could bump up risk of a hip fracture, say researchers
 10 common foods and herbs that will help you fight off those pesky spring allergies
 Grape seed extract kills cancer cells, but not healthy cells, in model systems
 Are massive industrial farms poised to obliterate small family-run organic farms?
 Curcumin-Turmeric component may help slow prostrate tumor growth
 Taking a daily Vitamin A supplement could prevent skin cancer, scientists reveal
 The ingredient that poses a hidden cancer threat isn’t even listed on soda pop labels
 Iron is essential in teens’ diets for optimal brain functions throughout life
 Vitamin D may help menstrual cramps, reduce need for painkillers, study finds
 Study shows healthy gut lining and beneficial bacteria essential for longevity
 Antibacterial properties of honey helps heal wounds, including strep infections
 Studies show distractions, like romance and work, can reduce level of chronic pain
 Zinc supplements shown to be a life saver for African pneumonia patients
 Phosphate food additives induce aging and pose risk to health, study suggests
 Study demonstrates physical activity yields feelings of excitement, enthusiasm
 Study Shows Greater Risk of Allergies for Kids Who Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D
 Spanish study says fried foods not tied to heart ills when olive, sunflower oils used
 Flaxseed properties have over 50 potential disease prevention applications
 Honeybee deaths linked to insecticides, say Purdue University researchers
 Processed meat first linked to bowel cancer, now linked to pancreatic cancer
 Fruit and veggie carbs are good for you, it’s the refined carbs you need to limit
 Study shows nearly 50% diabetes increase among long-time statin drug users
 200 reasons to love Vitamin C... if it's the right kind of Vitamin C
 High failure rate in follow-up tests suggests likely end to new herpes vaccine
 New powerful painkiller with increased hydrocodone has abuse experts worried
 Young women can reduce heart disease risk by 90% by eating fish once a week
 Low Vitamin C levels shown to raise death risk in patients treated for heart failure
 Stevia, a medicinal plant for centuries, now an accepted natural sweetener
 Lack of deep sleep increases risk of high blood pressure by 83% in elderly men
 Omega-3 EFA's prevent onset and progression of osteoarthritis in UK study
 International study links lower Vitamin D levels in children to higher asthma rate
 Quick, easy stretches that can be done in your office chair any time during the day
 More than 1 in 5 Americans now takes medication to treat a psychological disorder
 300,000 doses of flu vaccine Preflucel withdrawn in alert over side-effects
 New research corroborates that diet can lower cholesterol better than drugs
 Older men with higher testosterone levels lose less muscle mass as they age
 Children with low levels of zinc may be at higher risk of autism, related conditions
 Vitamin C has beneficial effect for children with asthma in new university study
 Whole wheat, oats, barley and other grains support lowering of blood pressure
 Exercise offers drug-free way of preventing migraines without unpleasant side-effects
 High fiber intake leads to lowest risk for cardiovascular disease in diet study
 Exposure to BPA by mother can affect baby’s behavior according to study
 More than half of women receiving breast screening will receive scary false alarm
 Nutritional benefits of broccoli and other vegetables require whole food forms
 Eight diet tips that can significantly lower your chances of getting breast cancer
 Valerian can support anxiety, tension, insomnia and other sleep disturbances
 Fair-skinned people may need to supple- ment with Vitamin D say researchers
 Green tea aids weight loss by slowing fat absorption in recent studyof mice
 Chuck Norris: Global governance of food and supplements right around the corner
 Chondroitin demonstrates ability to lower arthritis pain in small Swiss study
 Hormone Replacement Therapy linked to increase in asthma in new research
 Low Vitamin B12 linked to smaller brains and cognitive decline in university study
 Many in U.S. get too much medical care due to doctors’ worries over malpractice
 Food and Mood: 6 ways your diet affects how you feel and think
 Drug deaths exceed traffic deaths, with vast majority from legal prescriptions
 Zinc proven to regulate communication between brain cells in collaborative study
 Diet drinks cause weight gain as much sugary drinks according to ten year study
 Early herbal treatment, Autumn crocus flower, shows cancer-fighting potential
 PUFAs during pregnancy makes baby less likely to develop allergies, says study
 Grape seed extract study shows small, but significant, effect on blood pressure
 Mindset and goal-setting can help 'dial down' an individual's level of pain
 Omega-3 reduces inflammation and anxiety in young people, according to study
 Non-medication steps you can take to help with insomnia and sleep deprivation
 Vitamin A critical for children, could save thousands in developing countries
 Scientists Discover New Role for Vitamin C in the Eye and the Brain
 Doctors join fight against livestock bacteria, resistant strains in humans
 Regular intake of processed meat and red meat increases risk of type 2 diabetes
 Just 15 minutes of exercise a day can increase your life expectancy by 3 years
 Fluoride: 10 facts every health-conscious person should be aware of
 Even 1 soda a day can hike your diabetes risk; other sugary drinks also risky
 8 things that will make you sweat, besides exercise and sunshine
 Only 6 hours of sleep per night not enough for most people, according to researchers
 High intake of Folate may reduce risk of colorectal cancer according to study
 Magnesium supplements may ease hot flashes for breast cancer patients
 FDA's sneak attack on supplements: NDI protocols will limit innovation and choices
 Obesity a major contributor to premature death in women who have never smoked
 Regular sunlight exposure lowers breast cancer risk in Canadian study
 Study shows Calcium supplementation beneficial in helping with weight loss
 Pain relief just one of many health benefits derived from Turmeric
 Consuming olive oil may dramatically reduce stroke risk for older adults
 Research indicates moderate to intense exercise protects brain as we age
 Blueberries can slash body’s fat cells by up to three-quarters, say scientists
 Cellphones are 'possible carcinogen' according to World Health Organization
 Male reproductive health benefits from Vitamin D in study from Denmark
 Protein drinks after exercise help maintain aging muscles according to study
 Brisk walking for three hours weekly can help keep prostate cancer at bay
 Omega-3 supplements show potential in reducing symptoms of depression
 Just one poor night's sleep 'will slow down your metabolism' according to study
 Iron is planet’s most common element, but is lacking in many people
 The mineral Zinc is essential for body’s enzymic activity, immune function
 Vitamin D appears to ward off age-related vision loss in University of Buffalo study
 Dieting dangers of the new HCG diet: Is fast weight loss worth the risk?
 Vitamin A, found in colored vegetables, is essential for immune system function
 Low iron linked to restless leg syndrome in Mayo Clinic study of over 500
 Probiotics reduce cold and flu symptoms in Australian study on male athletes
 WHO recognizes value of traditional medicine with global database
 15% of U.S. girls go through puberty by age of seven--obesity, chemicals to blame
 Six minerals essential for women’s health, and the food sources to find them in
 'Good cholesterol' nanoparticles seek and destroy cancer cells in new research
 U.S. healthcare rated number 1 in cost, number 72 in overall population health
 Selenium deficiency may increase risk of chronic disease according to study
 Parsley—the nutritious food that goes way beyond a simple garnishment
 The Amish live longer with organic foods, less stress and plenty of exercise
 Olive oil polyphenols’ heart benefits shown to be boosted in human study
 A good laugh is beneficial for circulation and healing according to BMJ report
 CoQ10 may benefit cholesterol via gene expression, according to German study
 Forget Chia pets—Chia seeds consumed for food are a nutritional powerhouse
 Omega-3, vitamins C and E may boost pancreatic health, lower cancer risk
 Markedly higher Vitamin D intake needed to reduce cancer risk, researchers say
 BMI system causes muscular people to rate ‘overweight’ and misses real obesity risks
 Exercising outdoors provides even bigger boost to health than indoor exercise
 Consumption of grain based dietary fibres may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
 Over 180,000 deaths caused by 'adverse events' in U.S. hospitals each year.
 Vitamin D: What you need to know
 Five essential herbs for boosting the immune system for cold and flu season
 Tea compounds may have protective effect against Alzheimer’s, dementia and cancer
 Low vitamin D levels may reduce lung function according to study in mice
 Black tea polyphenols may reduce cancer risk according to new study from India
 Dieting fads go back 150 years, including the ‘low-carb’ diet of 1863
 New kind of pesticide, neonicotinoid, may be killing off the world's honeybees
 More than four hours a day in front of a screen shortens life in JACC study
 Compound found in tomatoes fights vascular disease in new Japanese study
 Evidence still indicates aspartame made with genetically modified bacteria
 Yohimbe, Horny goat weed and Ginkgo are just three of many herbs for men
 Editorial: Focus on health freedom because the future is worth protecting
 Toxic chromium has tainted much of U.S. water supply according to EWG study
 Essential oils from common spices can protect against dangerous food bacteria
 Garlic and onions protect women against osteoarthritis in King’s College study
 More than 85% of American corn crops are GMO, reportedly polluting U.S. rivers
 Diabetes risk falls as magnesium intake climbs, according to university study
 Calcium plus Vitamin D effective for bone density boost for women in Finnish study
 Monsanto genetically modified sugarbeets have to be destroyed, court says
 Television watching adds to weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease risk
 Time off from Osteoporosis drugs can help bones according to university study
 Americans still consuming average of less than 2 cups of fruit and veggies per day
 Vitamin D, moderate alcohol consumption tied to stroke reduction and heart health
 One sugary soda pop per day increases the likelihood of gout by 74 percent
 Eucalyptus-traditional herb treatment for fever, congestion, bacteria and more
 Popular diets, especially low carb, provide insufficient vitamin and mineral intake
 Research shows Creatine beneficial for both energy and muscle production
 U.S. ranks 49th in life expectancy, though it has the highest healthcare costs
 ACE vitamins may reduce colon cancer risk according to recent Harvard research
 Probiotics show potential against common cold in 12 week placebo-controlled study
 Supplementing with multivitamin appears to ward off heart attacks in women
 Nearly half of orthopedic surgery patients low on Vitamin D, risk poor healing
 Daily ginger dose as low as 30 mg effective for pain relief according to study
 New way to market flu shots: Give them away to strip club patrons for free
 Study shows beneficial flora needed to offset havoc caused by antibiotics
 Study reveals Vitamin C supplements can improve mood, emotional state
 Calcium supplements have negative effect if synthetic, don’t include other minerals
 Even in sunny Tucson 75% of residents don’t get enough Vitamin D from the sun
 Bisphosphonates class of osteoporosis drugs linked to thigh bone fractures
 Cranberry juice offers protection from staph infections like toxic shock syndrome
 Green, leafy vegetables linked to lower Type 2 Diabetes risk in UK study
 Daily Calcium supplementation helps women with weight loss in controlled study
 How to avoid free radicals, plus three other causes of premature aging
 Lack of diverse gut bacteria linked to prevalent diseases in Western culture
 Cancer cells thrive on refined fructose according to U.S. study
 Consumer Reports attacks nutritional supplement industry with unfounded claims
 Obese employees take four sick days more per year than those of healthy weight
 Probiotic supplementation lessens tummy pain in children according to Italian study
 Water consumption important consideration for weight loss, joint pain and fatigue
 Research suggests Vitamin B6 is linked to lower lung cancer risk
 Saw Palmetto extract matches known urinary tract drug in effectiveness
 Colostrum supplementation may boost immune function after exercise
 Chemo is so toxic that healthcare workers appear to be dying by just handling it
 New research again shows exercise to be a beneficial treatment for depression
 Families with authoritative parents are more likely to eat together, be healthy
 Creatine at low doses promotes resistance to fatigue according to study
 Vitamin C and other antioxidants shown to be beneficial in fighting diabetes
 Natural products available for those looking to limit exposure to harsh chemicals
 Subway sandwich bread not all it's touted to be, loaded with corn syrup
 Probiotics shown to help with fat and weight loss in Japanese study
 Number suffering cholesterol drug side effects greater than those benefitting
 Partial court victory over FDA regarding cancer-fighting properties of selenium
 USDA to clarify, further regulate what makes olive oil 'virgin' or 'extra virgin'
 World Health Organization scientists linked to swine flu vaccine makers
 Who Will Watch the Watchers? The GAO witch hunt against nutritional supplements
 Fruit and veggies reduce inflammation, lower disease risk in study from Spain
 Statin side effects include liver issues, kidney failure, muscle weakness, cataracts
 Orange flavonoids combat free radical activity following high fat meals
 Australia bans flu vaccine for children under 5 following adverse reactions
 About one-third of population think they have food allergies, but hardly any do
 Lycopene may reduce risk of asthma according to UK study
 Bad night's sleep wreaks havoc on metabolism, hampers body's insulin use
 WHO admits swine flu errors while critics question drug company links
 Blueberries may protect muscles from exercise damage according to new study
 Eight invented diseases big pharma is banking on for their future profits
 Well-done meat increases bladder cancer risk in University of Texas study
 Chemicals in cosmetics and foods may affect female development, study finds
 Is cleanliness to blame for increasing allergies in developed countries?
 U.S. beef not tested for chemicals such as antibiotics and pesticides, audit says
 Green tea extract dietary supplements effective for weight loss at low doses
 Sneeze No More: Getting Rid of Allergy Symptoms Without Drugs
 Contraceptives in treated wastewater still strong enough to cause infertility in fish
 Antioxidant supplements show benefits for over-50 sporty-type individuals
 Flaxseed lowers cholesterol in men by 10% to 20% in 90 days, study suggests
 Honey bees, and quality honey supply, in more trouble than ever after bad winter
 Women must exercise 60 minutes daily or cut significant calories to maintain weight
 'Good fat' cuts heart risk by a fifth, according to Harvard Medical report
 Study suggests Vitamin B3 may help improve neurological function after stroke
 Vitamin A’s critical role in energy production is identified by scientists
 Brain power enhanced with magnesium supplementation in cognitive fuction study
 Even in slow economy, the FDA receives another substantial budget increase
 New research suggests that regular use of NSAIDS increases risk of hearing loss
 Tell your senators to oppose the mis-labeled Dietary Supplement Safety Act
 Vitamin B3, or niacin, may help improve neurological function after stroke
 Gut microflora and diabetes: Study suggests role for probiotics and prebiotics
 Quick, easy summary to distinguish bad, unhealthy fats from essential good fats
 Walking combined with glucosamine linked to Osteoarthritis relief in Australian study
 Test developed for distinguishing pure honey from those with artificial sweeteners
 48 percent of fast food soda fountains contain bacteria that grew in feces
 Omega-3 may combat mouth bacteria, boost oral health according to study
 Strength training for older women pays dividend of increased cognitive function
 Ten immune-boosting foods to fortify the system and ward off winter colds and flu
 Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects of nuts offers protection from top diseases
 Ten Diet Commandments for Pain Patients
 Study Finds Vitamin D Deficiency Related to Increased Inflammation, Disease Risk
 Vitamin D is shaping up to be the nutrient of the year, if not the decade
 Study adds liver health to long list of benefits already attributed to Omega-3 intake
 Widely prescribed anti-depressants no more effective than placebos for most patients
 Beef parts once used only for pets now injected with ammonia, served in fast food
 Back-peddling: Harvard researchers say swine flu oversold by public health officials
 Omega-3 deficiency causes 96,000 US deaths per year, say Harvard researchers
 Another Vitamin C discovery: It enhances generation of adult cells into stem cells
 Research finds black tea best at reducing free radical damage, fighting diabetes
 High fructose syrup in junk foods more detrimental to health than other sweeteners
 Pill-popper celebrities lead trend to legal prescription drug abuse in the U.S.
 Anti-depressants 'up stroke risk'
 Antioxidants may boost colon health
 It Starts With the Core--basic exercises
 CT Scan radiation likely causes 29,000 cancers per year, researchers warn
 Supplement Of Probiotics Provides A New Therapy For Ulcerative Colitis
 9 Unexpected Things in Drinking Water
 Look up water quality report from your local water company online
 Just say no to antibacterial soap: Surface bacteria maintain skin's healthy balance
 Flaxseed Oil Could Help Reduce Post Menopausal Osteoporosis Risk
 Vitamin D deficiency linked directly to heart disease in new U.S. study
 Exercise May Keep Your Cells Biologically Young According to Study of 50 year-olds
 Another Cause of Obesity: The Quality of Bacteria in Your Gut?
 Omega-3 plus glucosamine ‘superior’ for joint health: Study
 Fish must be baked or boiled, not fried, to receive omega-3 fatty acid benefit
 Children’s exposure to dirt builds strong immune system, prevents allergies
 Legal prescription drugs now biggest cause of fatal drug overdoses
 Moldovan army gives soldiers daily dose of onions and garlic to fight H1N1 flu
 European regs keeping common nutritional supplements from consumers, costing billions
 Natural health proponents were correct: Yearly mammograms now deemed dangerous
 Inadequate Levels of Vitamin D May Increase Risk of Stroke, Heart Disease
 Obese more at risk of swine-flu complications
 Omega-3 may protect healthy men from chest pains according to study
 Silk soy milk falsely advertised as organic according to Cornucopia Institute
 Evidence Suggests Vegetables Can Protect Unborn Children Against Diabetes
 Depression linked to processed food
 M2 Protein And Antioxidants May Be Key To Reducing H1N1 Influenza Damage
 A compound in extra virgin olive oil could deter Alzheimer’s, according to U.S. study
 One in five kids not getting enough Vitamin D, needs more sunshine
 Heated high-fructose corn syrup a danger to humans and honey bees
 Use of acid-suppressive medications associated with increased risk of pneumonia
 2008 flu shot recipients twice as likely to get flu as non-recipients: Canadian study
 Exercise can extend survival even in 'oldest old'
 Big surprise: Study links drinking soda, obesity
 Tea and vitamin consumers may have younger biological age
 Eighteen reasons not to vaccinate this flu season
 Study says fruit and veggies tied to cognitive function
 Poor health choices guarantee high U.S. healthcare costs
 Americans average 22 teaspoons of sugar a day
 Over Half Million Kids Yearly Suffer Drug Interactions
 Health advice from oldest man: exercise more, eat less
 Prescriptions increasing accidental poisoning deaths
 New 'Smart Choices' Food Labels Are Deceptive
 Antioxidants plus exercise may boost bones in older women
 Health dept doc fired for attacking fast food
 Supplement users may have better cancer survival
 Ocean coral shows potential for treating nerve pain
 Antioxidants from black tea may aid diabetics
 Antioxidant may boost exercise endurance
 More Evidence Healthy Lifestyle Prevents Heart Disease
 Healthy Diet, Exercise Keeps Mind Sharp As You Age
 Grains cut hypertension rates in new Harvard study
 Exercise trumps angioplasty in heart disease study
 Obesity-swine flu connection studied
 Could vinegar be a natural fat fighter?
 Vegetarians 'avoid more cancers'
 Exercise lowers drug need for arthritis patients
 Vitamin K2 may boost bone health in adolescents
 ADHD-drug patients die at higher rate than other kids
 Low Vitamin D and Calcium Suggested in Cancer Development
 Safe Exercise Strategies for Adolescents and Teens
 Oily fish 'can halt eye disease'
 Study links multivitamins to younger ‘biological age’
 Oleic fatty acid curbs hunger
 Seven reasons not to dismiss statin drug-caused pain
 More acetaminophen overdose cautions
 Probiotics may help women regain figures after pregnancy
 Mushrooms: Unearthing a nutritional treasure
 Boy with cancer vows to resist chemo punching & kicking
 Minnesota judge forces chemo treatment on teen
 Insufficient vitamin D may boost asthma risk
 Germany Bans Cultivation of GM Corn
 Science supports vitamin D for fewer broken bones
 The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?
 Healthy fats boost ‘good’ cholesterol, cut dementia risk
 Vioxx maker Merck and Co drew up doctor hit list
 Synthetic Vitamin B9 (folic acid) cancer concern
 Sports drink consumption ’causes tooth erosion’
 China approves probiotics for ‘allergy prevention’
 B vitamins may offer migraine relief
 Pea protein may cut blood pressure and help kidneys
 Monsanto GM-corn harvest fails massively in South Africa
 Among 4-year-olds, 1 in 5 obese, study finds
 Have asthma? Broccoli sprouts may help
 Corn-based food system is making U.S. unhealthy
 No GMO foods in the White House, but okay for rest of us
 Drug company ‘clinical trials’ proven to be a joke
 Study Finds Sunny Side of Eggs
 Grape Extracts May Work Against Harmful Gut Bacteria
 The corporate truth: Burt's Bees, Tom's of Maine, others
 Obesity danger 'rivals smoking'
 Congress set to bar BPA from all food containers
 Vitamin C wards off gout in men: study
 Omega-3 linked to healthy eyes
 Sunshine vitamin diminishes risk of colds, flu
 Study suggests tea to slash stroke risk
 Paper on statin drugs' adverse effects released
 Consumer education group requests FDA review of Splenda
 Ron Paul Introduces Bill to End Interstate Raw Milk Ban
 Study links plant lignans to healthier, thinner women
 Almost $1 billion for vaccines included in bailout packet
 Rampaging chimp was given Xanax for anxiety
 FDA classifies a natural form of Vitamin B6 as a drug
 Diet high in fruit, veggies, nuts, legumes protects brain
 UK plans alternative therapy 'crackdown'
 In recession, gov't spends fortune monitoring Rx drug use
 Healthy Foods Ward off Salmonella and E. Coli
 Study supports pomegranate anti-prostate cancer potential
 Study links autism with chemical-laden environment
 Susceptibility to Colds Linked to a Lack of Sleep
 High vitamin C linked to lower blood pressure in women
 Green tea plus exercise speeds the loss of tummy fat
 Beekeeper asserts GMO crops behind ‘bee colony collapse’
 Diet tied to survival in breast cancer patients
 Garlic: Stinking Rose or Magic Bullet?
 Studies support exercise when suffering from a cold
 $1.42 billion Zyprexa settlement, but drug keeps selling
 Obese Americans now outweigh the merely overweight
 Berry Compound Reduces Oxidative Stress, Aging Effect
 Recession-related cuts mean worse eating habits for many
 Low selenium levels may be weakening muscles: study
 Some Asthma Drugs Too Risky, FDA Told
 Antioxidants help manage pain in Indian study
 Esophageal cancer linked to osteoporosis drugs
 Virgin olive oil extracts can benefit heart health
 Medical fascism is here: Forced flu shots in Alaska
 8 Surprising Causes of Bad Breath
 Selenium supplements may boost heart health: Study
 60% of health professionals steer clear of flu shots
 Sweet foods numb taste buds, encourage more consumption
 Herb Stevia finally permitted to be called sweetener
 Diabetes increases cancer mortality risk
 About 1 in 3 adults, 1 in 9 kids use alternative medicine
 New Study Firmly Ties Hormone Use to Breast Cancer
 Six Ways to Reduce Inflammation Without Statin Drugs
 Obese children risk thyroid damage
 Supplement industry fights drug-only weight loss theory
 Blueberries 'reverse memory loss'
 Garlic and onions may reduce cholesterol gallstones
 Research on mice links fast food to Alzheimer's
 Good Bacteria Drives Intestinal Response To Infection
 Tranquilizer Detox Withdrawal Can Last Years
 Ancient Chinese Salad Plant Updated into Cancer-killer
 Increasing raw food intake sparks life change—and a movie
 Balanced diet includes protein portions at each meal
 Grapes may protect against salt-induced hypertension
 10 Reasons Not to Skimp on Sleep
 Mandatory Flu Shots for Preschoolers Cause Outrage in NJ
 Green tea extract may lower blood pressure: study
 Licorice root help for digestive disorders
 New cases of diabetes up 90 percent in past decade
 Safety a problem for new generation drugs, too
 Study shows spine alignment can lower blood pressure
 Sunshine, vitamin D creation can help infertile males
 Foods to fight depression (no, not sweet snacks)
 Drug makers poised to expand during slow economy
 Speed of eating 'key to obesity'
 Junk Food Causes a Third of Heart Attacks
 Only 15% of Americans are familiar with probiotics
 Scientists testify regarding cancer risk from cell phones
 Cosmetics leave hormone-disrupting chemicals in teens
 Ten super foods that have a common link: antioxidants
 Vitamin C May Reduce Stroke Risk
 'Friendly' Bacteria Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes
 St John’s wort works for depression, says new review
 Honey effective in killing chronic sinusitis bacteria
 Prince Charles targets GMO crop giants in attack
 Meat 'ups prostate cancer risk'
 Overeating makes the brain ‘go haywire’
 Pollution 'hinders heart pacing'
 Many popular cereals are more than 50 percent sugar
 In U.S. & Canada, carrying raw foods can get you arrested
 Liver disease plagues obese adolescents
 Woman loses 160 lbs by switching to raw food diet
 American Kids Most Medicated
 Broccoli 'may help protect lungs'
 Vitamin B12 deficiency is a ‘public health problem’
 ‘The Mothers Act’ requires drugging of pregnant women
 Mineral deficiencies drive women to literally eat stones
 Antibiotics linked to cerebral palsy
 Obesity increases hospitalization risk for asthmatics
 BPA linked to cardiovascular disease, obesity & diabetes
 FDA Posts First Online List of Potential Problem Drugs
 Save Our Seniors...from 9.6 million yearly drug reactions
 Red Bull drink raises stroke risk in Australian study
 FDA investigates apparent cancer link to cholesterol drug
 Vitamin B12 deficiency linked to brain, memory loss
 Exercise may reverse brain damage from radiation therapy
 Depression treatment failures: blood-letting to drugs
 Study busts myths that running is bad for you
 Antibiotics send 140,000 to emergency room each year
 High uric acid associated with high blood pressure
 Broccoli may undo diabetes damage
 Study suggests acupuncture may ease chronic headaches
 Acid, ulcer drugs increase risk of bone fractures: study
 Plant foods essential for preserving muscle mass
 Scientists document GM food problems, call for ban
 12 Food Additives to Avoid
 Is Your Drinking Water Giving You Diabetes?
 FDA reports new deaths with diabetes drug Byetta
 Government officials, ‘experts’ to discuss vaccine deaths
 Pain in women ‘linked with low vitamin D’
 Creatine Plus Exercise Enhances Strength In Older Adults
 Being too fat 'can damage sperm'
 Drug companies increasing some prices 100-1,000%
 Broccoli 'fights' heart disease
 Mainstream media finally ‘discovers’ Stevia benefits
 U.S. children exercise less as they age
 Viagra-like effects of watermelon may benefit heart
 The Nutritional Component of Anti-Aging
 12 Babies die during vaccine trials in Argentina
 Fitness may combat Alzheimer's progress
 Green tea protects against heart disease: study
 Despite harshest drug laws, U.S. leads world in abuse
 Antibiotic ignorance leads to drug-resistant superbugs
 Are There Deadly Superbugs in your Pork?
 Drugs to Build Bones May Weaken Them
 Canadian government reverses its proposed supplement regs
 U.S. obesity rates up 2% since 2005
 Helpful Bacteria May Hide in Appendix
 Lack of ‘healthy’ sunshine raises death risk
 Sixty-plus drugs fail to rein in rising hypertension rate
 Pens out, free meals still in for drug marketing to docs
 Preparation method affects nutritional value of veggies
 Study on probiotics shows anti-inflammatory potential
 Pharmaceutical drug sales continue to mushroom
 Little Time for Exercise? Study shows ‘sprints’ work
 Cholesterol drug makers push drugs for 8-year-olds
 Heavy babies prone to arthritis as adults
 Another benefit of HDL cholesterol may be memory support
 ‘Fat’ fines in Japan due to increased healthcare costs
 Mother's junk food 'harms child'
 Good attitude and weight common traits for centenarians
 Seven Strategies to Say No to Diet Drugs
 Americans battle government to acquire healthier raw milk
 Health official documents vaccine fallacies, dangers
 Breast-feeding seen to curb type 2 diabetes later
 Pomegranate extract 'could reduce inflammation'
 Study: Healthy Lifestyle Triggers Genetic Changes
 The United States of (prescription) Advertising
 Chinese herbal remedies amaze quake surgeons
 Sleep: A Necessity, Not a Luxury
 Toxins from vinyl shower curtains causing health problems
 U.S. life expectancy up, but lags behind other countries
 Study: Diet and exercise interventions prevent diabetes
 Beta Blockers Raise Stroke, Death Risk After Surgery
 Study links hypoglycemia, heart risk
 Alcohol reduces, while smoking increases, arthritis risk
 Salt restriction hinders exercisers
 New Hints Seen That Red Wine May Slow Aging
 Kids' Low Vitamin D Worries Doctors
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